Hi. I am Late Knight Simmer, and I write Sims stories. I play both TS3 and TS4, and I make poses. All my stories are R-rated and more realistic style than Sim style.

**R-rated just means I swear a lot, and I will not shy away from topics like sex, violence in the stories as characters go through their lives. Ultimately I am writing about people, and so sometimes people encounter such things in life. If there is nudity in a chapter, I will put a note at the top before the chapter starts, just so you don’t scare your co-workers… or your boss… if you’re reading at work. LOL.**

I write mostly on Blogger. I made this WordPress blog to keep everyone up-to-date on my multiple stories. This blog is mostly a catch all, so if people want to know where I am story wise, they can just look at this blog for details. I also have some other little things on here like prompts I’ve done for holidays, and character studies of original characters that people have asked about.

Most Recent Update

Echoes of Eternity – Armand Sixteen: Sense of Hope

Main Stories

Echoes of Eternity – 10 generation legacy (On Blogger)

Blink of an Eye – Apocalypse-Rainbow challenge (On Blogger)

The Seven Ridiculous Sins – Redemption challenge (On WordPress)

Short Stories

Sticks and Stones – originally posted on Tumblr but moved to WordPress

Katerina & Damien – posted on Tumblr


Halloween Photo Challenge 2015 – posted on Tumblr

Halloween Photo Challenge 2016 – posted on Tumblr


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