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Blink Update #15

I have a new Blink of an Eye chapter written and posted.

Chapter 15: Taking Chances


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Echoes Update Patrick #6

Hello! I’ve published Patrick’s sixth chapter. Enjoy. 😀

Patrick Six: Getting Closer


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Blink #14

I have a new chapter up for Blink of an Eye. 🙂 Enjoy.

Blink of an Eye Chapter 14: Bad Men


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Just a Heads Up

I came to some pretty sad conclusions about Zenteri yesterday, so I wrote a post about it that you can find at the link below, if you care to know more details.

Zenteri Announcement

Also, I changed my display name on WordPress, and all I did was capitalize the first letter in each of the words of my username, but apparently WordPress thinks I’m a brand new commenter on some of the blogs I comment on. Strange.

I’m currently in process of working on Chapter 14 of Blink of an Eye, and Chapter 6 of Echoes of Eternity.

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Blink #13

Hello. I finally finished another Blink of an Eye update.

Chapter 13: Living in Fear

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