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Echoes & Reboot

I’ve been working on some chapters, and I have an Echoes of Eternity and a Zenteri Reboot chapter done. 🙂

Echoes of Eternity
Patrick Fifteen: Bonjour, Paris!

Zenteri Reboot
Wellington 4: Dinner Party


Echoes Update Patrick #14

Hello! I’ve got an Echoes of Eternity update ready. 🙂

Patrick Fourteen: Flight Out

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Zenteri Reboot #2

I’ve written and posted the next installment of the Zenteri Reboot.

Wellington 2: Surprises

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Wedding Photos & Announcement

Hi! As promised, here are Patrick and Katya’s wedding photos, at the link below.

Patrick & Katya’s Wedding Photos

I also have an exciting announcement. I have figured out the Zenteri Reboot, and have posted the first chapter at the link below. The naming poll is still going on, until tomorrow, May 16th. Thanks to all who’ve voted on it! Your help is appreciated! 🙂

Wellington 1: Thomas, the Asshole


Echoes Update Patrick #13

Hello! I’ve been working on this chapter for the past two days non stop because I just couldn’t pry myself away, LOL. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Patrick Thirteen: Best Day

I also have a poll for my Zenteri story. I figured out how to reboot it, and I’m doing a lot more divided things, like I’m splitting each group of kids into ten, and giving each group a name theme. I haven’t written anything for it yet, just doing initial set up stuff, but if you’d like to vote on the poll, you can do so here at the link below.

Zenteri Naming Poll


Echoes Update Patrick #12

Hello! I’ve been on a roll with Echoes of Eternity lately, here is the newest chapter! Enjoy.

Patrick Twelve: New Beginnings

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