The Gardener

02 Jun

Hey everyone! 🙂 I came up with an idea for the Zenteri Reboot the other day. Those of you who have been reading it know that Sierra is looking for a gardener. At first I was going to just use one of the Sims I made over as the gardener, but as I was writing, I thought it would be fun to put in the story Sierra’s interviews with different candidates. This is where you come in. I’ll be opening up the story to donations at this time. If you would like to make a gardener for Sierra that will become the next baby daddy, submit him now. XD Pending I don’t get like an insane amount of responses, Sims who are donated will show up in the chapter where Sierra is giving interviews. The Sim I like the best will be picked by me. 🙂 Check out this page with all the stuff about donating a Sim daddy first, but otherwise, he can be a stereotypical gardener, or not, but he has to be handsome! LOL. You may leave links to your donated Sim either here or on the story blog, it doesn’t matter where, I will be checking both sites so I don’t miss anyone’s submission.

Reboot Donate-A-Sim

Submit a Gardener for Sierra to interview

User Name (name you would like credit to be given to):

Sim’s Name:
Personality Traits:
Does your Sim include CC? Yes or no
Download Location (Link to where your Sim can be downloaded):
Notes (anything you want to share about your Sim, such as where certain CC links can be found):

Sims Submitted So Far
Taylor Humphrey by winterbaby20
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