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A few Updates

Hello! I have updated Blink of an Eye and Echoes of Eternity.

Echoes of Eternity

Patrick Twenty: Familial Obligations

Blink of an Eye

Chapter 21: Escape?


Echoes Update #19

Hello! I have two things today… 😀 A new Echoes of Eternity chapter, and then a little bio for two of the Zenteri Reboot kids. I posted the first bio a few days ago but forgot to put it in here. LOL. The third kid’s bio will be posted later because I was trying to space them out a little bit.

Echoes of Eternity
Patrick Nineteen: Watch Your Back

Zenteri Reboot
Adonis Jeremiah Wellington Bio
Perseus Isaiah Wellington Bio


Blink of an Eye #20

I’ve updated Blink of an Eye with Chapter 20.

Chapter 20: What Lies Within

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Zenteri Reboot #6


I have a new Zenteri Reboot chapter up. This one features guest Sims from parabee27, winterbaby20, and TheJanesLegacy.

Wellington 6: Interviews

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