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Disney & Painting Updates

Hi, I’ve updated my Cinderella story and my challenge story just recently. I think I might make a pose for the next Echoes chapter, I have one in mind, and I don’t know if I’ll make more than just the one for the chapter. I’m also currently writing some more Echoes and Blink is getting some love as well. I need some pictures for both, but yeah, that’s what I’m up to.

L’amour Vrai

Cinderella Two: Jacqueline

Painting the Townies Gorgeous

Chapter 3: Old Friend

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Pose #2

I was playing with Blender again, and I made another pose based off a picture. I find it’s easier for me to know where I want to position arms and legs and stuff if I have something to look at when I do it.


Christian Bale Equilibrium nightmare

The Pose

I featured this pose in my new Cinderella story, so that’s who the Sim is who’s doing the pose. I am pretty happy with it, as it turned out just like I wanted.

Screenshot-295 Screenshot-296



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Zenteri & Echoes

Hello… I posted these a few days ago, but I am only getting around to announcing them on here. Heh.

Echoes of Eternity

Armand Four: Explaining Myself

Zenteri Reboot

Sierra’s Mansion Construction #3

Also, in other Sim news, my mind has been scattered so there’s a lot of ideas running through it at the moment. The Disney challenge I wanted to start a while ago has finally bugged me enough that I made a blog for it. I don’t have any chapters posted yet because I’m still getting pictures for chapter one, but I do have some initial beginning information on it if people wanted to see what it’s all about.

I also recently learned how to make poses using Blender. For now, I’m just doing poses for myself and my stories, since I’m still a beginner, and I’ll occasionally post pictures of ones I really like. Busy times for this girl. LOL.

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Adventures in Pose Making

I decided to take a look at MrsOogieBoogie’s pose tutorial she was so kind enough to put together, to see if I could, or would, even be interested in making my own poses. Like I need something else to do… *slaps self*

All kidding aside, however, I downloaded Blender and tried it, and other than a few kinks in the system, I managed to successfully make my own pose. O_O I only did one, and I picked something simple so that I could get a feel of how to position things. Today was the defining moment though, would it show up in my game… and it did! I’m pretty happy with myself right now.


I used this picture of Christian Bale I had laying around as inspiration for the pose. He’s standing pretty simple, yet complicated enough that I’d have to pay attention to small details in my pose making, which was what I was using the pose tutorial to help me with.

Christian Bale



Naturally, I used my Christian Bale Sim to model this in the game. LOL. It ends up that I didn’t turn his head in the pose as much as he is in the picture above, but everything else came out just the way I wanted. I’m calling it a win. XD



Honestly, it’s his shoulders in this pose that I was really trying to get, how his right shoulder is back a little further than his left one. I think I captured it pretty well.



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Zenteri: Mansion Construction

Since the Zenteri Reboot has gone without love for quite some time, I thought I would share a random behind the scenes post with everyone. You can visit it here.

Sierra’s Mansion Construction #1

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Blink Update #22

Haha, I have been working hard on coming back from falling off the planet. Now I bring you another update for Blink of an Eye. Enjoy! ❤

Chapter 22: Always be Together

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Played Sims4 for 48 Hours

I took advantage of EA’s “Play the Sims4 for 48 hours” promotion and took a bunch of random pictures as I was playing. I didn’t put walls up for some of the pictures because I didn’t know yet whether I was going to post them, plus it’s not a story, so I figured it didn’t matter that much. I just thought I’d post them here in my blog so if I wanted to delete them off my computer I could still have some of my favorites. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing it, and I think I might get it later on.

01-29-15_2-38 PM

Looks like my Sim husband is taking advantage of playing Sims as well. LOL. I think it’s pretty funny that they themselves can play Sims.

01-29-15_12-10 PM

Love the addition of punching bags. Although I was jealous of my Sim because I want a punching bag in real life. *sigh*

01-29-15_1-30 PM

I really enjoy the detail that was put into the muscles of the guy Sims without needing any CC. This is literally just base game muscle definition. *drools uncontrollably*

01-29-15_2-28 PM

I thought this decoration was really awesome, of how it emits an aura in the room. My Sims got it when they had a successful date, so it’s in their bedroom and it always makes them feel in the mood for love when they’re in their bedroom. ROFL.

01-29-15_3-26 PM

I absolutely ADORE that they can do pushups and situps. Ugh, so hot. *fans self*

01-30-15_4-31 PM

01-29-15_11-22 AM

LOL. My Sim is evil, so I made her throw a slushie at a random girl in the gym. *rubs hands together evilly*

01-29-15_11-36 AM

My dear Sim husband is making me scrambled eggs before he goes to work. He’s so nice.

01-29-15_12-20 PM

Hehehe… *giggles like a schoolgirl*

01-29-15_12-39 PM

The passionate kiss option is really fun, I enjoy it a lot. However, I do not enjoy the white line that hovers around Sims when you mouse over them. *rolls eyes*

01-30-15_6-07 PM

I tried out the having a kid option in the game and found babies are… generally useless. What’s up with getting rid of their needs panel? Anyway, this is our baby, named Samuel. On the plus side, he’s a cutie.

01-30-15_6-18 PM

LOL, I have no idea what happened, but in CAS, I found a Darth Vader suit. I guess I didn’t go to see if it had a matching mask… Hmm…

01-30-15_12-18 PM

One thing I don’t understand is how many things break in this game. The fridge breaks? Really? Also that’s like the third time that kitchen sink had broken in the short time I had played, and the second time the fridge had died… I mean I like giving my Sims the handiness skill, but that is just ridiculous.

01-30-15_12-23 PM

Last but not least, I did think it was adorable how sad and depressed my Sims looked eating in their kitchen that was crumbling down around them and I wanted to hug my guy Sim when his bottom lip quivered. *cries*


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Echoes Armand #3

All right, everyone. Heehee. This was the second chapter I had in reserve, so I got it done pretty quickly after I was able to get pictures. Enjoy! I think next time I write I will be trying to do another Blink of an Eye chapter.

Armand Three: Uncomfortable Surprises

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Echoes Update Armand #2

Finally! I have another update for Echoes of Eternity! I pulled myself out of my slump and managed to get pictures for the last half of the chapter that I’d already written. *rolls eyes at self* LOL. Hope everyone enjoys!

Armand Two: Hard to Convince

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