Played Sims4 for 48 Hours

05 Feb

I took advantage of EA’s “Play the Sims4 for 48 hours” promotion and took a bunch of random pictures as I was playing. I didn’t put walls up for some of the pictures because I didn’t know yet whether I was going to post them, plus it’s not a story, so I figured it didn’t matter that much. I just thought I’d post them here in my blog so if I wanted to delete them off my computer I could still have some of my favorites. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing it, and I think I might get it later on.

01-29-15_2-38 PM

Looks like my Sim husband is taking advantage of playing Sims as well. LOL. I think it’s pretty funny that they themselves can play Sims.

01-29-15_12-10 PM

Love the addition of punching bags. Although I was jealous of my Sim because I want a punching bag in real life. *sigh*

01-29-15_1-30 PM

I really enjoy the detail that was put into the muscles of the guy Sims without needing any CC. This is literally just base game muscle definition. *drools uncontrollably*

01-29-15_2-28 PM

I thought this decoration was really awesome, of how it emits an aura in the room. My Sims got it when they had a successful date, so it’s in their bedroom and it always makes them feel in the mood for love when they’re in their bedroom. ROFL.

01-29-15_3-26 PM

I absolutely ADORE that they can do pushups and situps. Ugh, so hot. *fans self*

01-30-15_4-31 PM

01-29-15_11-22 AM

LOL. My Sim is evil, so I made her throw a slushie at a random girl in the gym. *rubs hands together evilly*

01-29-15_11-36 AM

My dear Sim husband is making me scrambled eggs before he goes to work. He’s so nice.

01-29-15_12-20 PM

Hehehe… *giggles like a schoolgirl*

01-29-15_12-39 PM

The passionate kiss option is really fun, I enjoy it a lot. However, I do not enjoy the white line that hovers around Sims when you mouse over them. *rolls eyes*

01-30-15_6-07 PM

I tried out the having a kid option in the game and found babies are… generally useless. What’s up with getting rid of their needs panel? Anyway, this is our baby, named Samuel. On the plus side, he’s a cutie.

01-30-15_6-18 PM

LOL, I have no idea what happened, but in CAS, I found a Darth Vader suit. I guess I didn’t go to see if it had a matching mask… Hmm…

01-30-15_12-18 PM

One thing I don’t understand is how many things break in this game. The fridge breaks? Really? Also that’s like the third time that kitchen sink had broken in the short time I had played, and the second time the fridge had died… I mean I like giving my Sims the handiness skill, but that is just ridiculous.

01-30-15_12-23 PM

Last but not least, I did think it was adorable how sad and depressed my Sims looked eating in their kitchen that was crumbling down around them and I wanted to hug my guy Sim when his bottom lip quivered. *cries*


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13 responses to “Played Sims4 for 48 Hours

  1. Stormy

    February 5, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Would you recommend this to someone who doesn’t have Sims 4? I like certain aspects of the game, but I’m just still not intrigued enough to run out and get it yet. I don’t want to not have certain things that Sims 3 has that Sims 4 won’t have. I’m a big ‘ol scaredy cat I guess, haha!!

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 5, 2015 at 8:58 pm

      LMAO, big ol’ scaredy cat. XD You make me laugh. ❤
      Okay, so my advice would be, if you really like the babies/toddlers part of Sims3, and that's your favorite part, Sims4 will probably be pretty useless for you. Babies are seriously, like I said in the post, useless. You get a bassinet for them and they just lay there and randomly cry. There isn't even a needs panel to show you what on earth they're upset about. I get that EA might have been trying to make it more realistic, but come on, it's a game dude, I don't want to guess why my pixelated baby is crying. LOL. If you have a kid in the game, it's just more exciting to age them to a child. The interactions with babies are kinda lame too, like they'll hug them and whatever, but most of the time it's just like making baby talk over the crib.

      However, if you like playing more with young adults, like I do, Sims4 can be pretty fun. I like the relationship interactions, because they did away with "bla bla thinks bla bla is being extremely irresistible" and replaced it with a green bar if it's a platonic relationship, and a green bar along with a pink bar if it's a romantic relationship. I remember when I used to have to wait for the "extremely irresistible" to do things like woohoo or ask them to go steady or propose marriage, but in Sims4, they could woohoo all the time because I kept their pink bar up to the max. So that part I really do enjoy. Granted, I started off my household with husband and wife already, so I know nothing about starting from being friends to becoming romantic.

      They did add swimming pools with a game update, so that's been fixed, if that was one of the things you were disappointed about when it was released.

      At the current time, I don't think Sims4 is very conducive to story telling, I mean they don't have cars, so it's pretty wierd to say "Well I poofed into existence at the gym" I don't know, that just… I would never put something that ridiculous in a story. LOL.

      I'd recommend if you are scared, waiting for it to go down in price if you really think you want it but don't want to spend that much if you don't even know if you'd like it. Hmm… I hope I answered your question somewhat, LOL. If you have any more, I'm happy to help as much as I can. 😀

      • littlesims2chick

        February 13, 2015 at 7:05 pm

        That’s my main problem with the game…It’s too bland for story telling. I tried to create one with Ts4 and I ended up deleting the blog post and dedicating the blog to something else because honestly it’s just ridiculous to sit there and wait for the right moment for your sim to do something and take a picture of it. And yeah the cars not being in the game was pretty silly. I haven’t even made poses for TS4 because you can only do them InCAS or they end up taking over another social interaction in the game…someone needs to make a pose player…I wish I knew how lol.

  2. Stormy

    February 7, 2015 at 8:28 am

    Oh Mylanta! That sounds like it’s not compatible with what I like to do since I am for the most part a storyteller. Geez, it’s almost pretty much as if you are playing The Sims when it comes to the babies and kids. Hmm…Yeah, I don’t know if I want to spend my mullah on that right now, haha! Maybe when it does go down in price, I’ll throw it onto another computer just for the hell of it or something, but I think I’ll stick Sims 3 for awhile. Mind you, I said the very exact thing when I was addicted to Sims 2, LOL!

    Thanks for your advice! 😀

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 7, 2015 at 8:31 am

      Hey Stormy! You’re welcome. Glad I could help 🙂 Hopefully with time, game updates, and expansions, Sims4 will get better. LOL.

  3. Stormy

    February 7, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Yes, hopefully. 😀

  4. littlesims2chick

    February 13, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    Omg yes! I really hate how every thing breaks every 5 fucking seconds in this game lol but it really depends on how expensive the item is, there’s a reliability spot under the item in buy mode before you buy it 🙂 . The genetics are honestly amazing in this game and the kids are so cute, the babies are pretty boring though. Your sim is really hot…. 😉 lol. They did really good job with the sims in this game, they look so much better than ever before. Imo.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 14, 2015 at 9:12 am

      Oh, that’s good to know about the reliability clue in buy mode. I only had this for 48 hours, so I was focusing on game play mostly, but if I ever buy it, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the advice. My Sim son did turn out pretty cute, but I guess I’ve had more experience with Sims3 genetics, and to me, they’re pretty similar in terms of awesomeness. Aww, thank you, haha, my hot Sim is Christian Bale’s Simself, LOL. ❤ If I was going to compare how the Sims look in 3 vs. 4, I still think 3 is more realistic looking than 4, but I do agree that they still look good in 4, just in a different way.

  5. littlesims2chick

    February 13, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    I am excited for the Get To Work ep although they stl haven’t given us toddlers yet *sigh*

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 14, 2015 at 9:13 am

      Ooh, are you going to get the expansion? Maybe soon, they added pools, so maybe toddlers are being worked on. 😀

  6. Late Knight Simmer

    February 14, 2015 at 9:23 am

    @littlesims2chick regarding your comment that started with this… “That’s my main problem with the game…It’s too bland for story telling.”

    Idk why but my WP didn’t give me a reply option for that comment of yours, so I’m answering it down here. LOL. *shrugs*

    Yeah, I imagine it would be like back when I didn’t know what pose player was for Sims3 and trying to storytell with it, also before I had any expansions. I think if I bought Sims4 I would random play with it because that was a lot of fun. There are things like the white outline and the extra plumbobs on idle Sims (you know, the grey-ish smaller one), that annoy me and wouldn’t be good for stories. IKR? No cars. So… yeah. LOL. The pose player thing, maybe the person who originally made it will update it for a Sims4 version. IDK much about it, but did they have pose player in Sims2? I’d guess they did, so maybe it’s a waiting game and soon there will be pose player for Sims4, just like there’s CC now for Sims4.

  7. littlesims2chick

    February 15, 2015 at 9:26 am

    @Lateknightsimmer Hell no! Lol I’m not getting that expansion pack unless someone gives it to me as a gift or something lol or if the reviews look good. I already feel like I wasted my money on TS4 because it’s only once in a blue moon when I’ll play it.

    I have no idea why they put those stupid white outlines on the sims when you hover over them, it’s so intrusive and distracting. But when you take a picture you literally are forced to go into camera man mode (hit tab) just so the white lines won’t show up 🙂 but I find that annoying, they should’ve made it so that the white lines don’t show up in pics.

    Yeah, the person who made the pose player for TS3 hasn’t really said anything about making one for TS4, on top of all that…They don’t even talk about poses on sooo that’s very odd. *scratches head*

    They didn’t exactly have a pose player for TS2 they had pose boxes which were a pain in the ass lol but they did help with organization. They were basically objects you clicked on and it would say ‘start’ or ‘stop’ and the pose would begin. I was really young when I played TS2 even though I’m still young now lol but yeah even when I play TS2 now..The pose boxes still confuse me :S. Even moving the sims around on the grid is a pain in the ass lol.

    I feel like I always get random genetics in TS3, one time my sims kid got blonde hair even though the parents didn’t have blonde hair. O.o I heard they coded genetic defects into TS3 but idek if that’s true or not. I agree now that you said that, the sims in TS3 are more realistic. I just like how ‘shiny’ the sims skin is in TS4.

    Who’s Christian Bale? I don’t really watch t.v. or interact with media and the main stream….Sorry. I know you’re probably like WTF Lol.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 16, 2015 at 12:29 pm

      Oh haha, aww, that stinks you feel like you wasted your money. 😦

      Oh Tab mode makes the lines go away? Cool, I didn’t pay attention to that when I was in Tab mode. LOL. Good to know.

      Interesting.. I found this link to some TS4 poses, but it looks like you need to be in CAS in order for the Sim to be posed. Ha.. I think I’m going to just use TS3 for stories even if I do buy TS4 at some point, cause I ❤ TS3 so much. Heehee.

      Hmm I never played TS2, that's really wierd, pose boxes… I've seen videos people have made with TS2 Sims and … yeah, I don't really like the way they look.

      Ahh, I see… I haven't had that problem with my TS3 Sims. You've seen in Echoes, all the heirs got the legendary pink hair from Max, and some variation of their mom's eye color. Maybe I'll have one of the strange genetics happen as I play more or something LOL, who knows. I was pleasantly surprised with TS4, at first I thought they were a little too cartoony, but they do look nice, and I don't hate them that much anymore. XD

      Christian Bale is a movie star, and my favorite actor. LOL.


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