Zenteri & Echoes

19 Feb

Hello… I posted these a few days ago, but I am only getting around to announcing them on here. Heh.

Echoes of Eternity

Armand Four: Explaining Myself

Zenteri Reboot

Sierra’s Mansion Construction #3

Also, in other Sim news, my mind has been scattered so there’s a lot of ideas running through it at the moment. The Disney challenge I wanted to start a while ago has finally bugged me enough that I made a blog for it. I don’t have any chapters posted yet because I’m still getting pictures for chapter one, but I do have some initial beginning information on it if people wanted to see what it’s all about.

I also recently learned how to make poses using Blender. For now, I’m just doing poses for myself and my stories, since I’m still a beginner, and I’ll occasionally post pictures of ones I really like. Busy times for this girl. LOL.

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Posted by on February 19, 2015 in Echoes update, Zenteri update


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