TS4 – Paint the Townies Gorgeous Challenge

30 Nov

The challenge is basically the same as the Sims 3 version, pick a town that you want to play, pick a townie household and make over the Sims.

Here’s the link to the Sims 3 rules. I found some things in gameplay that are different between TS3 and TS4, so those differences will be listed below as the TS4 rules.

TS4 Rules

Beginning the Challenge

  • Since there really isn’t a way to “Select a Household” in TS4, just place a Sim in the world, and then switch to the townie Sim. The Sim you place can be friends with the townie, but may not marry or procreate with the townie. This is because this challenge is about making over the townies, so only townies are playable.

I recently got a new updated computer, my old one was having trouble playing the Sims after 8 years of me having it. It was just running out of memory every time I tried to play, so that’s why everything I had written went on hiatus. I played TS4 again today and remembered how fun it was.

I’m going to try this challenge with TS4, but I’m not sure I’ll be writing a story with it since I’m not as seasoned with the picture taking and the poses as I am with TS3. I will be updating this page with the TS4 worlds and households for reference in case anyone wants to try this challenge.

  • Del Sol Valley – 3 households
  • Oasis Springs – 4 households
  • San Myshuno – 8 households
  • Willow Creek – 4 households
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