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Pose #2

I was playing with Blender again, and I made another pose based off a picture. I find it’s easier for me to know where I want to position arms and legs and stuff if I have something to look at when I do it.


Christian Bale Equilibrium nightmare

The Pose

I featured this pose in my new Cinderella story, so that’s who the Sim is who’s doing the pose. I am pretty happy with it, as it turned out just like I wanted.

Screenshot-295 Screenshot-296



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Adventures in Pose Making

I decided to take a look at MrsOogieBoogie’s pose tutorial she was so kind enough to put together, to see if I could, or would, even be interested in making my own poses. Like I need something else to do… *slaps self*

All kidding aside, however, I downloaded Blender and tried it, and other than a few kinks in the system, I managed to successfully make my own pose. O_O I only did one, and I picked something simple so that I could get a feel of how to position things. Today was the defining moment though, would it show up in my game… and it did! I’m pretty happy with myself right now.


I used this picture of Christian Bale I had laying around as inspiration for the pose. He’s standing pretty simple, yet complicated enough that I’d have to pay attention to small details in my pose making, which was what I was using the pose tutorial to help me with.

Christian Bale



Naturally, I used my Christian Bale Sim to model this in the game. LOL. It ends up that I didn’t turn his head in the pose as much as he is in the picture above, but everything else came out just the way I wanted. I’m calling it a win. XD



Honestly, it’s his shoulders in this pose that I was really trying to get, how his right shoulder is back a little further than his left one. I think I captured it pretty well.



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