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Proposal Episode 2

Hello. I have published the second chapter of The Proposal. You can read it at the link below. I just realized I forgot to announce it in this blog. LOL. IDK… maybe it’s less of a problem since The Proposal is on WordPress? *shrugs* Enjoy!

Episode Two: Challenge Week One

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The Proposal Kick-Off!

Hey everyone… I’m super happy to say that after much preparation and support from readers, the first chapter of The Proposal has been published! You can click the link below to check it out. Enjoy!

Episode One: Meet & Greet

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Proposal Progress

Hi everyone! I know some of you are already following The Proposal blog itself. 😀 But I thought I’d come in here and share a few fun things as far as how progress is coming along with it. The contestants have been slowly trickling in throughout these two weeks, and I have been loving seeing how different everybody looks! So far I’ve almost got everyone’s contestant, I think there’s only 2 that I’m still trying to either figure out or haven’t come in yet (which is totally fine, by the way, time isn’t up yet). I thought I’d share some pictures of the contestants who HAVE come in and are all prepped, tested, and ready to go.

Arlis Crooler – Submitted by MrsOogieBoogie

Arlis Crooler

Eva Pressley – Submitted by MsMidnightBlonde

Eva Pressley

Larissa Metz – Submitted by ThePartySim

Larissa Metz

Lena Valencia – Submitted by ViolinCat

Lena Valencia-fixedtrait

Mackenzie “Mac” Williams – Submitted by BoomSims

Mackenzie Williams

Malaya Santos – Submitted by LilyShadowWriter
Note to Lily: I fixed Malaya’s eye distance, and this is her new picture, let me know if she looks better now. 😀

Malaya Santos

Nefeli Areleous – Submitted by MischiefTheKitten

Nefeli Areleous

Suzanna “Suzie” Holloway – Submitted by Taina

Suzanna Holloway


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