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Just a Heads Up

I came to some pretty sad conclusions about Zenteri yesterday, so I wrote a post about it that you can find at the link below, if you care to know more details.

Zenteri Announcement

Also, I changed my display name on WordPress, and all I did was capitalize the first letter in each of the words of my username, but apparently WordPress thinks I’m a brand new commenter on some of the blogs I comment on. Strange.

I’m currently in process of working on Chapter 14 of Blink of an Eye, and Chapter 6 of Echoes of Eternity.

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Some Updates

Hi everyone.

I have some new updates to my stories. Some of you have already seen and read them, but I realized I forgot to post here when I did update, so I’ll be combining the links here. 🙂


Echoes of Eternity – Patrick Two: Mystery Lady


I finished a story! 🙂 The Compound’s last chapter was written recently.


The CompoundChapter 38: Finale & A Special Thank You


I started a new story where I am trying to match the same intensity level as The Compound, and possibly exceed it. It’s full of danger, mystery, and thrills.

Blink of an Eye Header 2

Blink of an Eye – Chapter One: In the Blink of an Eye

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The Premiere of Patrick Hunt

I’ve started Generation 2 of Echoes of Eternity! I’m excited to write more about Patrick, who’s the new heir. Here’s his first chapter.

Patrick Premiere: Small Illusions


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Echoes of Eternity Update #23

Echoes of Eternity has been updated. View the chapter here: Maximus Twenty-Three: I’m Sorry

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Echoes of Eternity Update #22

I’m going to be using this WordPress blog as a secondary place where I post links to my updates.

I’ve updated my Echoes of Eternity blog on Blogger, with Maximus Twenty-Two: Time Apart.

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Hi. This is just an announcement post. I am going to start using this blog as a resource to share links to my stories. So… from Sept 19-22, I will be on vacation. I have written two chapters of Echoes of Eternity, my legacy story, that I’m scheduling for Thursday, Sept 19, and Saturday, Sept 21. I have done this before when I go on vacation, to give my readers something to read even though I’m not available for writing.

Maximus Twenty-Two: Time Apart – Thursday, Sept 19 at 8:00 AM Los Angeles time

Maximus Twenty-Three: I’m Sorry – Saturday, Sept 21 at 8:00 AM Los Angeles time

Also, I will reply to comments when I return from vacation. I hope you guys all enjoy. 🙂 Thanks to anyone who has been reading.

Love ya,
Late Knight


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Cancelling Ass Ugly

Hmm… After some thought, I think I’m going to cancel my prettacy story. I never want to go into the save anymore because the ugliness of those particular Sims makes my eyes hurt. Very badly. Now, I know some of you might be sad because it was a funny story, and I apologize. However, because the comedy was entertaining, I am thinking about putting another funny story in its place. I’m still thinking of ideas in my head as to how or even what that would look like because I’d like to not do the commentary style. That being said, I’ll think of something. I’ll leave you with this picture of synchronized father and son freaking out.



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Contest OVER

Hi everyone! Thanks to all who voted for Noelle in the All Around the World Contest. The contest has run its course, and Noelle lost, but I had great fun making her and sharing pics of her with you guys. I will be featuring her in my story Echoes of Eternity, in future chapters. I haven’t decided how soon she’ll show up yet, but eventually. 🙂

Big hugs to everyone!

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Bonjour from Noelle and I. France is a romantic country, so Noelle is showing off some lingerie. Thanks for voting and looking at this post! 🙂 Credits to spladoum for their poses, some of which I used here.

Noelle VS Cover

Noelle Lamour close up

Noelle Lamour lay close eyes

Noelle Lamour laying down

Noelle lay back far away

Noelle Sleep

Noelle Lamour lay back in camera


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Making Wine with Noelle Saint James


Bonjour from Noelle and I once again! Today Noelle is taking a tour of the winery in Champ les Sims. If you haven’t yet, please take the time to vote for her! Thanks in advance for either voting or looking at this post or both!

Noelle Winery Cover

Step One: Add fruit.
Noelle Winery Add Fruit

Step 2: Squish fruit.
Noelle Winery Fruit Squish

Step 3: Turn on the machine.
Noelle Winery Machine

Step 4: Collect wine.
Noelle Winery Collect

Yay! You have wine. Goodbye!
Noelle Winery Voila


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