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Zenteri & Echoes

Hello… I posted these a few days ago, but I am only getting around to announcing them on here. Heh.

Echoes of Eternity

Armand Four: Explaining Myself

Zenteri Reboot

Sierra’s Mansion Construction #3

Also, in other Sim news, my mind has been scattered so there’s a lot of ideas running through it at the moment. The Disney challenge I wanted to start a while ago has finally bugged me enough that I made a blog for it. I don’t have any chapters posted yet because I’m still getting pictures for chapter one, but I do have some initial beginning information on it if people wanted to see what it’s all about.

I also recently learned how to make poses using Blender. For now, I’m just doing poses for myself and my stories, since I’m still a beginner, and I’ll occasionally post pictures of ones I really like. Busy times for this girl. LOL.

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Zenteri: Mansion Construction

Since the Zenteri Reboot has gone without love for quite some time, I thought I would share a random behind the scenes post with everyone. You can visit it here.

Sierra’s Mansion Construction #1

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Echoes Update #19

Hello! I have two things today… ๐Ÿ˜€ A new Echoes of Eternity chapter, and then a little bio forย twoย of the Zenteri Reboot kids. I posted the first bio a few days ago but forgot to put it in here. LOL. The third kid’s bio will be posted later because I was trying to space them out a little bit.

Echoes of Eternity
Patrick Nineteen: Watch Your Back

Zenteri Reboot
Adonis Jeremiah Wellington Bio
Perseus Isaiah Wellington Bio


The Gardener

Hey everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ I came up with an idea for the Zenteri Reboot the other day. Those of you who have been reading it know that Sierra is looking for a gardener.ย At first I was going to just use one of the Sims I made over as the gardener, but as I was writing, I thought it would be fun to put in the story Sierra’s interviews with different candidates. This is where you come in. I’ll be opening up the story to donations at this time. If you would like to make a gardener for Sierra that will become the next baby daddy, submit him now. XD Pending I don’t get like an insane amount of responses, Sims who are donated will show up in the chapter where Sierra is giving interviews. The Sim I like the best will be picked by me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out this page with all the stuff about donating a Sim daddy first, but otherwise, he can be a stereotypical gardener, or not, but he has to be handsome! LOL. You may leave links to your donated Sim either here or on the story blog, it doesn’t matter where, I will be checking both sites so I don’t miss anyone’s submission.

Reboot Donate-A-Sim

Submit a Gardener for Sierra to interview

User Name (name you would like credit to be given to):

Sim’s Name:
Personality Traits:
Does your Sim include CC? Yes or no
Download Location (Link to where your Sim can be downloaded):
Notes (anything you want to share about your Sim, such as where certain CC links can be found):

Sims Submitted So Far
Taylor Humphrey by winterbaby20
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Echoes & Reboot

I’ve been working on some chapters, and I have an Echoes of Eternity and a Zenteri Reboot chapter done. ๐Ÿ™‚

Echoes of Eternity
Patrick Fifteen: Bonjour, Paris!

Zenteri Reboot
Wellington 4: Dinner Party


Zenteri Reboot #2

I’ve written and posted the next installment of the Zenteri Reboot.

Wellington 2: Surprises

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Wedding Photos & Announcement

Hi! As promised, here are Patrick and Katya’s wedding photos, at the link below.

Patrick & Katya’s Wedding Photos

I also have an exciting announcement. I have figured out the Zenteri Reboot, and have posted the first chapter at the link below. The naming poll is still going on, until tomorrow, May 16th. Thanks to all who’ve voted on it! Your help is appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wellington 1: Thomas, the Asshole


Echoes Update Patrick #13

Hello! I’ve been working on this chapter for the past two days non stop because I just couldn’t pry myself away, LOL. I hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

Patrick Thirteen: Best Day

I also have a poll for my Zenteri story. I figured out how to reboot it, and I’m doing a lot more divided things, like I’m splitting each group of kids into ten, and giving each group a name theme. I haven’t written anything for it yet, just doing initial set up stuff, but if you’d like to vote on the poll, you can do so here at the link below.

Zenteri Naming Poll


Zenteri Update 71

Zenteri BC has been updated.

Chapter 71: Sneaking Out

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Zenteri Baby Challenge Update #70

I updated Sicily’s story, finally. LOL. I got some new time era clothing with some leftover SimPoints and was finally able to get the next chapter out.

Chapter 70: Newcomers


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