I have a Tumblr account, that I have just recently become more active on. I’m not very active on it, but I signed up with a fellow Simmer, and I use it as light advertising for my stories. I also post random pictures of my Sims on there, and occasionally an edited picture will show up on it. I write some short stories specifically for Tumblr as well. Lately I have been doing photo challenges and prompts on Tumblr, and those are a lot of fun.

If you would like to view the site in general, click the link above.

Halloween Photo Challenge 2015
This was developed by IllustraSims, and it is a prompt style challenge that is Halloween themed. I’ve been doing a few at a time, and I know I will not finish by Halloween, but I started late, and life… LOL.

30 Days of Sim Making
I’m not sure who the original creator of this prompt is, but the one I am using is from SimplyNoaSims, and the goal is to make a different kind of Sim everyday.

Seven Deadly Sins
This is a prompt that I developed, in the spirit of being inspired by Halloween. It’s a challenge to make a scene, Sim, or decor picture with the seven deadly sins as a theme.

Katerina & Damien
A musicacy about two lovers based on Katy Perry’s song, “The One that Got Away.”

Stop That Wedding
A short story about lovers who have to keep their love a secret.

Sticks and Stones
A short story about the power words can have on people’s lives.


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