Echoes of Eternity

Genre: Drama/Romance/Suspense
Rating: R for nudity, swearing, violence, sexual situations, and other adult material
Category: Ten generation Legacy/Movie Themed
Medium: Blogger
Date Started: May 28, 2013
Progress: Ongoing – Generation 3 – Armand Hunt

I fell in love with Maximus Zenteri-Hunt from my Zenteri Baby Challenge story. When it came time for him to move out to make more room in the Zenteri house, I literally procrastinated so much not wanting him to go. I dealt with this by starting a new story that follows his life after he moved out of Sicily’s house. It’s technically a legacy because I definitely want him to pass his hot genes on to more generations, but I’m a sucker for writing a good story, so it won’t just be all about the babies. It’ll read more like his life and the lives of the children he passes his genes on to. This whole blog was inspired by Gladiator, as is Max’s name. The quote “What we do in life echoes in eternity,” from the movie, is the inspiration for the title of the story. I thought it fit well with the legacy theme. I am going to try to do like a movie theme for each generation. Max’s generation is Batman Begins. I know it’s kind of ironic, but a quote from that movie fit his personality and story line better. Gladiator is kind of the overall theme of everything.

Additional Info
Each generation is listed with the name of the heir because I wanted to be unique, and not list my chapters as 1.1 and so on. Previous generations lead into new generations, since I like intertwining story lines. Basically, generations don’t necessarily stand alone once the previous ones end.
Generation One: Maximus
Generation Two: Patrick
Generation Three: Armand

Update Thread
I started a thread on the Sims forum for Echoes updates jut because I felt like it. I wanted a dedicated place for updates. You can visit it at the link below.
Echoes of Eternity Update Thread

Start Reading
Maximus 1: Wake Up




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