L’amour Vrai

Genre: Suspense/Drama/Thriller/Romance
Rating: R for nudity, swearing, violence, and other adult material
Category: Disney Challenge with a darker take on the fairy tales
Medium: Blogger
Date Started: February 21, 2015
Progress: Ongoing – Cinderella

Description: I had the Disney Challenge bookmarked for a while, and one day I was needing some inspiration or motivation for ideas. Sometimes when I have that feeling, I write randomly for practice. Usually it just ends up being a short story of some sort that I finish and have no desire to publish to the world, but it helps with my inspiration. This time, however, I found that I didn’t stop writing, it wasn’t becoming a short story, and I felt like I could do more with it, so I turned it into another story for publication. Since this is brand new, I still don’t know if I’m going to follow the challenge suggestions of turning it into a legacy or if I will be writing about the princesses separately, but I will just go with what I feel. All Disney related stuff will however, remain on L’amour Vrai. I am starting out with my take on Cinderella, and I will go from there with some of the other princesses I like once Cinderella’s story is over. The story will be written in first person, as are most of my other stories. This story is my only one which is female-centric. L’amour Vrai is also the first story where I will be featuring some of the poses that I made, which I learned to do fairly recently.

Start Reading: Cinderella One: …HER



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