Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Drama/Romance
Rating: R for nudity, swearing, violence, sexual situations, and other adult material
Category: Paint the Townies Gorgeous Challenge by ME
Medium: Blogger
Date Started: February 11, 2015
Progress: Ongoing – Benjamin Schmidt – Townie 1

Description: I don’t really like the way the townies look in Sims3, so I never play with them. I came up with a challenge that would allow me to play them in a way that I want called the Paint the Townies Gorgeous challenge. Basically, you pick a townie family, and you change their looks, hair, clothes, and house to whatever you want it to be. Then, you play them until they fulfill their lifetime wish. After that’s done, you pick another townie and repeat the process until all original households in the world you picked have been given a makeover. I started in Appaloosa Plains because I rarely play in that world, and picked Benjamin Schmidt as my first townie. This story is written in first person and I haven’t come up with a proper title for it yet. There are not a whole lot of chapters as of yet because this story isn’t my first priority right now.

Start Reading: Chapter One: Learning My Fate

Benjamin Schmidt (EA version)

Benjamin Schmidt (After my makeover)


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