Regaining Tranquility

Genre: Collaboration – Thriller/Suspense/Survival
Rating: R for nudity, swearing, violence, and other adult material
Category: Standalone inspired by The Hunger Games and Battle Royal
Medium: Blogger
Date Started: June 16, 2013
Progress: Ongoing

This is my collaboration story with MrsOogie Boogie. For now, each of us writes one part of the same chapter. We’ve marked it as to who wrote what part. It is about two sisters, Scarlett and Aubrey Lepidus, who live in an untamed world. They get separated from each other early on in the story, and have to journey through many dangerous obstacles, situations, people, and much more, to find one another again. It is a standalone story set in a world where survival is priority one. One wrong look, one wrong step, or one wrong move could cost either of these sisters their lives.

Start Reading:
Chapter One: Uncertainty



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