The Seven Ridiculous Sins

Genre: Comedy
Rating: R for nudity, swearing, violence, sexual situations, and other adult material
Category: Shadami’s Seven Deadly Sins Challenge
Medium: WordPress
Date Started: February 16, 2021
Progress: Completed Stage 1, Figuring out how to begin Stage 2 both story wise and game play wise

Description: I found a challenge on the Sims forum made by Shadami, and it had to do with the seven deadly sins. I always thought it would have been cool to have that as a theme in the Sims, so when I saw her challenge, I wanted to try it. As I was playing it, since I used seven of my all time favorite Sims, story line ideas started happening in my mind once again, which believe me, has been a long time coming. After living through the worst year of my life since I escaped the cult, I got in touch with my comedic side, and thus, The Seven Ridiculous Sins was born. This story is inspired by the television show Lucifer.

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Chapter One – In the Beginning…


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