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Liebster Additions

Since Jinx nominated this blog for the Liebster Award, some of my other stories have been nominated. Clicking the links below will take you to my posts where I have answered their eleven questions they have asked me. I thank all thirteen of you, Jinx, MrsOogieBoogie, MsMidnightBlonde, Stormy, Daijah V, Julie, hellohannah2, AndanteZen, sandybeachgirl, lovesstorms, EliRoc, TheJanesLegacy, and Lckygrl1975 for thinking of me and being a supporter of my stories.

If you’ve nominated me and you don’t see your name here, I just might not know that you have. LOL. Just drop me a line here or on the blog you’ve nominated, and I’ll get it figured out. Oh, and I’m not saying this to be arrogant, I just noticed that some of the nominations I’ve found out about are because I happened to go to the person’s blog and saw it by accident. I wouldn’t want anyone to think their questions are being ignored.

  1. LateKnightSimmer’s WordPress – nominated by Jinx, of Tales of Touperdu
  2. The Compound – nominated by MrsOogieBoogie, of The Insane Dubois Legacy
  3. Blink of an Eye – nominated by MsMidnightBlonde, of Another Life to Live
  4. Echoes of Eternity – nominated by Stormy, of The Life and Times of the Willows
  5. Paint the Townies Gorgeous – nominated by Daijah V, of Codename: Danger
  6. Echoes of Eternity x2 – nominated by Julie, of Through Colour Blind Eyes
  7. L’amour Vrai – nominated by hellohannah2, of Dustland Fairytale
  8. Echoes of Eternity x3 – nominated by AndanteZen, of The Last Canvas/Laurent Under the Sun
  9. Echoes of Eternity x4 – nominated by sandybeachgirl, of Listening to My Heart
  10. Echoes of Eternity x5, Blink of an Eye x2, The Compound x2 – nominated by lovesstorms, of Lovesstorms’ Stories
  11. L’amour Vrai x2 – nominated by EliRoc, of Elvira Slayer, The True Story
  12. L’amour Vrai x3 – nominated by TheJanesLegacy, of With Love
  13. Echoes of Eternity x6 – nominated by TheJanesLegacy, of The Janes Legacy
  14. Echoes of Eternity x7 – nominated by Lckygrl1975, of Painswater Point

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