Paint the Townies Gorgeous Challenge

**UPDATE: I have moved the brunt of the information for this challenge to its own blog. Listing all the households for all the worlds was not something I wanted to try to tackle on this blog. I will leave this page in tact, but no more information will be added to it.**

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always going straight to Create-A-Sim and making your own custom Sim to play with, especially when it comes to writing stories. If you’re anything like me, you feel the townies… are… a plague on the Simworld. However, sometimes I get that curious little urge of… what would it be like to play with the townies? Hmm… then I look at their faces and I cringe, even though they can always be tweaked, as they always do when they show up in the background of my stories. Lately, my cringing hasn’t stopped of course, but I explored my curiosity a bit more and wanted to take things a little further than a simple townie makeover so they could be an extra against my in comparison, much hotter looking Sims. LOL. I’ve looked online a little bit, finding these two challenges that deal with townies, The Townie DecaDynasty, by Carl’s Sims3 Guide, which restricted genetic tweaking, and Aria’s Townie Legacy by AriaGirl77, which was an alphabetical legacy that restricted exterior house remodeling, I thought my challenge might be different enough. I have a suspicion that Aria’s also doesn’t allow genetic tweaking, but it wasn’t stated outright on the rules.

How to Begin:
The main idea I had for starting out was to go into a random world of your choosing, and pick a townie, single, family, whomever you wish, to start off. If you wanted to write a legacy, the single townies might be a better option, but if you wanted to write a different type of story, a family might work well too. Also, if you want to play this challenge without a story, that also works.

How to Finish:
This challenge ends when you have painted your town gorgeous, when all of the original households in the world that were there when you started the challenge have been given a makeover. I’d recommend keeping note of what households were there at the beginning so you can actually know when you’re done. LOL.

In Between Basic Details:

  • You can play this with as many or as few expansion packs you have or don’t have. You can also play this with any of the store worlds, or custom worlds.
  • CC is allowed, of course, and encouraged, to make your makeovers as fabulous as they can be.
  • House remodeling is also allowed and encouraged, money cheats are allowed to make the house beautiful, but when you are done remodeling, the Sim should have a starting account of no more than 10,000 Simoleons. If you’re writing a story, tweak that as you see fit.
  • Lifetime Rewards are allowed.
  • Any life span you wish is allowed. For some of those more difficult households, with multiple Sims, if you want to try to get all their LTW’s completed, turning off aging is allowed as well.*
  • You do not have to stick to the EA description of the household in game if you’re writing a story.
  • You can only move on to the next makeover when the previous Sim achieves their LTW. If you are doing multiple Sim households, you may either choose just one main character to fulfill their LTW, or for a bigger challenge you can try to get all of their LTW’s completed.
  • You should keep the job the Sim has when you pick it, unless the Sim wishes to quit their job, wishes for a different career, or if their LTW is “get to so and so career” but they’re for some reason in the wrong job to fulfill their LTW. If the Sim is unemployed, you may pick whatever job you want to give the Sim.
  • For an added challenge, master the skills the Sim had when you originally started playing them before moving on to a new Sim.

Specific for Story Writers:

  • Populating a Lot with Sims – I ran into a problem where I usually build a lot to tell a certain part of the story because it was going to be hard to populate it with the townies… due to the unreliability of people coming over to your Sim’s house. So, I’m making an addendum that says if you’re writing a story, you may build lots and make your own Sims to fill in the background, but your own Sims shouldn’t be the main focus of the story. Your own Sims may of course, interact with your townie in the story, but as far as game play goes, they’re not important.

Things Discouraged:
I’m not entirely strict on discouraging things or even following rules to an absolute T on challenges, so these are things I’m just putting in to make the challenge have some structure, but if it doesn’t work for you, pick and choose accordingly. You can’t fail this challenge, it’s just something different you can do if you so choose.

  • The LTW of the townies cannot be changed when you pick them.
  • The traits of the townies cannot be changed when you pick them.
  • The names of the townies cannot be changed when you pick them. If their names change because of marriage, that is fine. The only names you should make up are babies that are born. If you want to give the original townie a middle name for your story, that is fine, just don’t change their first and last name that they already have.
  • Don’t bring people back from the dead.
  • If you use the “Populate a Lot with Sims” listed above, do not make one of your created Sims become romantically involved with your townie Sim. The point is to stick as close as you can to avoiding making your own Sims a main part of the story. However, another townie may be involved with your townie. For example, if you would like to have two single Sims who are original households become a couple, that is fine. If you do this, you may choose to fulfill one or both of their LTWs.

I chose these two things (LTW and traits) as unchanging because hopefully it will challenge you to just try to play the townie to their true self as much as you can. If you’re writing a story, hopefully it will help you stretch your writing abilities to maybe writing some personalities that are outside of your norm.

Suggested Story Structures:
You don’t have to write this as a legacy, and if you do, you don’t have to have ten generations. You can write it as a series of short stories, one story for each family you makeover. You can write it into one large story about a town and it’s inhabitants. You can combine this idea with other challenge ideas, so long as you keep the basics of this challenge, which is don’t make any of your own Sims. Instead, make the townies into what you have always desired them to look like.

I will be trying this challenge myself to see if it is even doable or fun, LOL. If you would like to try this challenge or have any questions about it regarding things I may have overlooked, feel free to let me know. Also, if you think this challenge has been thought of before, I would gladly take it down. I don’t want to make anyone think that I am stealing their idea. I feel like I’ve tried pretty hard to look to see what else is out there before making this one up, so just know my intentions are not to be hostile. Last but not least, enjoy.

My Blog for my attempt at this challenge can be found at the link below.

Paint the Townies Gorgeous

Most Recent Chapter Update to my story – Chapter 3: Old Friend – February 25, 2015

Original Households per City – The lists per city will be built as time goes on, since there are so many, it will take me a little bit to get them all written down here.

Other People Doing this Challenge

Some Credits

*Thanks to jensjch for the suggestion to turn off aging.


18 responses to “Paint the Townies Gorgeous Challenge

  1. jensjch

    February 14, 2015 at 9:47 am

    I think this is a great way to play those “ugly townies”. I have made over a few. Jolene is actually pretty. I like this challenge. Whether I ever play it fully, well, I almost never finish what I start. But this challenge could be played over several years, which is more in likely what would happen to me.

    I think also to turn aging off would be better. It could take a while to play one family or single Sim to get to their LTW. I would hate for one Sim to age to an elder or die before I got to them.

    Otherwise, I think this is a great ideal. I’ve often wanted to try something like this, make over the whole town, people and houses. But just haven’t gotten around to it, only a very few. I made over Jolene, Crupplebottom, and I forgot her name, but the one who is pregnant by Frio. I don’t think I would stick to the Sim household very long, but making over the whole town would be nice.

    I also found some Youtube videos where several people are making over homes in Sunset Valley. Like this one; – Let’s Renovate Sunset Valley and this one; – House Renovation #1 – Wasserlilienweg 43, Sunset Valley or this one; – Lets Renovate A Sunset Valley Starter House—Part 1. I don’t know if any of them really use the townies, but they do make over the homes. Also, there are a few more who do remodels.
    I thought you might like to watch the videos, if you like.

    I already started a few homes in Sunset Valley and even made over a few Townies last year, but I didn’t actually play them. Either way it sounds fun.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 14, 2015 at 10:57 am

      Aww thank you. Yes, I definitely think this is a challenge that you could stretch out over time. I know I’m going to be playing it in between when I work on my other stories when I need something different to do.

      Ahh, good point. I often have aging turned off when I am writing stories, I’ll put that in the rules. Thanks!

      Yeah, for sure, haha, if you just wanted to make over the town and not stick with the household, go for it, LOL. The LTW part and the story writing part are just added things you can do if you wanted more of a challenge.

      Thanks for the video links, I’ve been doing some remodeling of some houses in my stories that I got sick of LOL, like I’d had it that way for a while, and I wanted a different look. The videos might give me some ideas.

      Mm-hmm. Haha, I do that too, where I will make over a townie or two if they’re in the background of a chapter, but I never play them, which is why I came up with this. I’m glad you like it, and thank you for checking it out and leaving me a comment. ❤

  2. jensjch

    February 14, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    I’m glad I found your site. Thank you for the credit, you didn’t have to do that. Btw, great start to your story.

    I’ve recently been taking pictures of all my past builds and making Youtube post out of them, well only one so far. I’ve been in a building mode. In the past two weeks I’ve built 4 new houses, but maybe I should be working on remodeling old Sunset Valley houses. I want to do Sunset Valley because everyone knows it, but it’s also the reason why I don’t want too, because everyone knows it. I’m kind of tired of looking at those same Sims for the past several years, but they are also the ones I’m most familiar with too.

    I don’t know the other neighborhoods as well. I have Sunset Valley, of course, Twinbrook, Bridgeport, and Moonlight Falls. I use to have Appaloosa Plains and Riverview. For years, Riverview was my favorite. For some reason I’m having trouble downloading from the Sims store and their free stuff every since I had to reinstall my Sims games. I haven’t added back Pets yet, and I’m not sure I want to. I’ve played Bridgeport before and it’s in a story of mine, but I only have a select few from the game I play with and the others were created or born in the game.

    If you don’t mind me asking why did you pick Appaloosa Plains?

    Sorry for the long post.
    Also, I see now you’ve done quite a lot of things, stories and a remodel. So, I hope you don’t mind me posting the videos. I see your not a newby, and I wasn’t trying to imply that either by listing the videos. I really enjoy watching what others create, and thought I would share. 🙂

    I actually can’t wait to see some of your other make overs too when you get to them. I don’t know if I’ll read the stories much, but I do love seeing make overs and remodels and seeing what other people do in their builds.

    Do you know anyone else doing this challenge as of yet?

    Sorry, sometimes I can’t shut up once I get going. If I seem overwhelming just let me know. It won’t hurt my feeling. I usually try to get in as many questions as I can or talk as much as I can, because sometimes it might be days, weeks, or even months before I am back at a blog again.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 14, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      Ahh, you’re welcome. Coincidentally, thank you for checking out my site. 🙂 Honestly, I was super paranoid posting this challenge, cause I’ve seen before in the forums where people get really mad at each other for “stealing ideas” or whatever, so that’s why I gave you the credit. LOL. Thanks for not being one of those crazy scary people. 🙂

      Oh wow! Four new houses! That’s awesome, LOL, I kind of just remodel/build as I need to for my stories, I’m way more of a “builds out of necessity” Simmer than one who just builds for the heck of it. I admire people who are super pro builders. Haha. That’s true, Sunset Valley is quite the double edged sword isn’t it? Haha, if you like it though, I don’t see any harm in sticking with it.

      I’m pretty adventurous with worlds, although my favorite is Starlight Shores simply because it mimics Los Angeles, and that’s my favorite city. I have quite a few worlds, some I’ve played more than others, but I’m always willing to try new ones. I’ve got Sunset Valley, Riverview, Twinbrook, Starlight Shores, Bridgeport, Appaloosa Plains, Sunlit Tides, and Roaring Heights. I also have two custom worlds, one I downloaded specifically for my apocalypse story because the environment of that world was just perfect for what I wanted to do. Hm.. I hope your problem with downloading stuff gets fixed, that’s never any fun.

      I picked Appaloosa Plains because I was thinking of all my worlds, and I wanted to pick one that I don’t play in very much, kind of sticking with the gist of the challenge idea, where I never play townies, so I thought I’d pick a town I rarely play in. Pets is also the expansion I have that I’ve played the least.

      No worries about the long post, I enjoy long comments. I like when my readers, or visitors, want to have conversations with me, and I like interacting with them. ❤ Nah, I wasn't offended or anything with your video links. I like seeing what others create too, so it's cool you shared them. LOL, I didn't feel like you were annoying or anything. Thanks for being concerned about it though. XD

      Ooh cool haha, yeah, I'll post the other makeovers once I get around to it. Hehe, I don't know how long it'll take me to finish Benjamin's stuff, right now I'm still working out the kinks of the challenge as I convert it to story form. Sorry Benjamin, you're totally an experiment story. LOL.

      No one I know of as of yet has told me they're doing this challenge, although I've had several tell me they think it's a fun idea.

      Heehee. It's all good, I've had fun replying to your comments today. 😀 Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. jensjch

    February 23, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I keep getting a cold and I’ll start feeling better, than next thing I know I’m right back in bed.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments back. I don’t know if I’m a great builder, but I do love doing it. I like designing the houses and doing the interiors. But yard work I am still really learning. I think because it’s my least favorite to do, ( and you would think after 10 years I would get the hang of it, lol). However, building houses in real life I think would be a wonderful, amazing job. But then again, I really love it on the Sims and that’s what I do best.

    I finally got around to looking at some of the neighborhoods. I’m looking at 3 right now, and even started in Sunset Valley, but I still like Bridgeport and Moonlight Falls. They both have interesting characters. I’m still undecided, even through I did start Sunset Valley. I’m going to make videos I think. It’s less time consuming, so it won’t be an actually story, but I’m going to try and play out the characters as best as I can. I’m starting with Jamie Jolina.
    I don’t have the video up yet, I have to have my hubby show me how. But I hope to have it up later today/ evening. ( He’s not off work yet). The video is not great. I’m recording on about a 6 inch tablet. My hubby is getting me a better video camera made for youtube, but it won’t be for another couple of months. So, first videos are going to be bad quality.

    About your comments above, I wouldn’t worry too much about “stealing someone’s idea”. Truthfully, watching movies or reading books, most have the same themes. It’s pretty hard to steal an ideal unless it almost word for word. I’m not saying someone won’t get mad, but don’t take it to personal unless it is almost copied word for word. Also, I don’t think your challenge is like someone else’s. I try to check challenges pretty often, ( I get bored with things easily), so I’m always checking out challenges.
    I hope that doesn’t sound bad, I am really interested in your challenge, and I will do it for a little while, but knowing myself, I will probably take a break somewhere in between. I think some characters will be more interesting than others and those are the ones I plan to start with.

    I have started with Jamie and I already have an idea for her. I know you said to only have your created Sims as background and not to be the main part of the story, but I’m thinking that maybe Jamie could hook up with Christopher Steel. I don’t know if he’s a boring character or not, but I was thinking they might be good together, and it will help play some of the characters in town together instead of so many different households. Combining households might help play through faster, of course that might just be selfish on my part and trying to make it too easy.
    However, I wanted to make sure this was okay to hook up/ marry characters together in the challenge?
    I know we are suppose to play them separately, but I was thinking that Jamie or Christopher would eventually find someone in the town, why not another townie. Or do you think that might be cheating?
    Thanks, Jen

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 23, 2015 at 6:08 pm

      Aww, sorry you’ve been sick. That’s no fun. I hope you get well soon.

      Wow, 10 years? That’s so cool. Haha, I’ve only played Sims for 2 years now. XD Ugh I totally agree, I am really bad at landscaping and exteriors. I am trying to get better by using pictures of houses with good landscaping to help, but it’s still pretty hard.

      Ooh, videos, haha, I’ve always found that harder for me to do, like it’s more difficult for me to make things interesting with videos. That’s cool that you do them. 🙂

      Thank you very much for the reassurance. It’s so hard to know how stuff like this comes across, when it comes to creative ideas. I do agree with you, that things are sort of a build off of main themes, and what makes them different is the paths people take from the original idea. No worries about getting bored easily, I somewhat do too, LOL. I started a story doing the Disney challenge, like two days after I came up with this challenge. XD I have lots of different saves so I can change things up when I play Sims.

      “However, I wanted to make sure this was okay to hook up/ marry characters together in the challenge?”
      I actually came across this with Benjamin’s story. I think it would be fine if you wanted to hook up Christopher and Jamie, and then it can be up to you whether you want to fulfill Christopher’s LTW while he’s with Jamie, or if you want to finish with Jamie and do a separate thing with Christopher. I am going to have Gracie Loveland in Benjamin’s story be one of his girlfriends, and she happened to be one of the original households, but I’m not going to fulfill her LTW in his story. I thought I would do separate stories for all the townies I makeover, so Gracie will get her own story later on. I picked her because he ran into her one day after work, and she is already good friends with him, so less work for me. LOL. So no, it’s not considered cheating if you match townies up. 🙂

  4. jensjch

    February 23, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    I hope you don’t mind I’m going to add what I found out about the towns here. If you do mind, I’ll remove it, I think I can do that.
    The other means there is more than 1 Sim in the house.

    Sunset Valley (Base Game) – has 25 Homes – 6 Single, 19 Other.

    Bridgeport (Late Night) – has 30 Homes – 13 Single, 17 Other

    Twinbrook (Ambitions) – has 28 Homes – 9 Single, 19 Other – a lot of rich sims too.

    Moonlight Falls – has 21 Homes – 4 Single, 17 Other

    Isla Paradiso – has 25 Homes – 11 Single, 14 Other.
    (Island Paradise)

    I don’t know about Pets or Showtime, I don’t have them installed right now. As of right now, I also can’t get any of my store worlds to load either. So, if someone knows about them, maybe they can add the information.

    Also, I counted these homes up before story progression could kick in. I did make a list of the families and address, and when I get a chance, I’ll put them on a blog for everyone to see.

    I hope this helps.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 23, 2015 at 6:11 pm

      Oh wow! You didn’t have to do that. Haha. Well, I will add the information you have given me into the challenge page. Pets is covered, it’s Appaloosa Plains, which is the one I’m doing currently, and I also have the Showtime expansion. Good that’s perfect that you did it before your story progression kicked in, that’s what I did too to make my list.

  5. jensjch

    February 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Or do you want the information about the houses to put here. I’m not sure how to give it to you, but if you want it we can figure it out. Or would the blog be okay?

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 23, 2015 at 6:20 pm

      Hey, just send me the information to, and I’ll add it to the page. Thanks for doing that, haha, you didn’t have to, but I appreciate it.

  6. jensjch

    February 24, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Hi, I was pretty bored while sick, so I just went ahead and did a list. I’ve only written it out and will type it out soon. The list only has Last names, how many members in family, ( and sometimes names), their address and House name with how many bedrooms and bathrooms in the home. Truthfully, it kept my brain occupied while not really having to think with a head cold, lol.

    I’m new to the videos. I just started it this month, then was sick for more less two weeks. So, right now I have two public videos on it and one private. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do videos, but to me it seems less time consuming, anyway for now. So, I thought I would try it this way and see how it goes.
    I uploaded the first video to your challenge last night. I’ll let you check it over first. I’ll put the address in your email.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 24, 2015 at 1:58 pm

      Ooh wow, you went into detail about home stuff too. I didn’t really, because I was giving people free reign to redecorate/remodel the house once they picked the Sim they wanted to use. LOL, I’m glad it kept you occupied at least.

  7. jensjch

    February 24, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    I can’t get to your email. It says, Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.
    I will try and figure it out and my guy is coming home soon, so I’ll see if he can help me figure it out too.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 24, 2015 at 1:31 pm

      Oh, um, just go to whatever email you use, and then type my email address in, and then send me an email. I’m guessing you clicked on my email, and it told you that? Just clicking on the email address won’t do anything unless you have Microsoft Outlook installed, which is what “default mail client” means.

  8. jensjch

    February 24, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Sorry, I not computer savvy at all. I didn’t realize that. Thanks for letting me know.

    • jensjch

      February 24, 2015 at 2:28 pm

      I also sent you an email, let me know if you get it.

    • Late Knight Simmer

      February 24, 2015 at 2:34 pm

      It’s not a problem. 😀 You’re welcome. Learn something new everyday, eh? 😉 Oh, and I got your email, and replied to you. 🙂


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